Breast Cancer, Definition, Sign and Indication Of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer patients increase day by day. Based on SIRS’s data , there are 8.227 breast cancer’s case in 2006 and increase become 8.327 in 2007. Breast cancer called as the second “killer” after cervix cancer and also increase every year.

In USA, there are 180.000 new cases by the year. In Netherlands, there are 91 new cases by 100.000 residents. In Indonesia, there are about 10 by 100.000 residents have breast cancer.
Breast Cancer, Definition and Indication Of Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer, Definition and Indication Of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer usually attack women over 30 years old. But now, breast cancer also attack teenagers. According to YKPJ, women that risked to have breast cancer are :

  • Women over 25 years old and have family record about breast cancer
  • Women that bear baby over 35 years old and never give suck to her baby
  • Women that have menstruation in very young age

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer, it’s important to understand some basic : What is breast cancer and how does it happen ? In this paper , we will try to explain about the definition of breast cancer, the sign and indication of breast cancer, the stages of breast cancer, breast cancer treatment, and breast cancer prevention.


Breast cancer is the disease that caused by uncontrolled growth of breast cells. If the cells grow continuously, they will be a bruise called tumor. Breast cancer can attack women or men. Breast cancer is the common disease that usually attack women, although men also have the risk to have breast cancer.

There are some factors that can caused breast cancer :

  1. Age. The risk of breast cancer increase over teenager
  2. Genetics. There are 2 genes that can caused breast cancer (BRCA1 and BRCA2). If your mother or your sisters diagnosed with breast cancer, you will have twice risk with breast cancer than another woman
  3. Medical using. If some women use HRT (hormone replacement therapy), it can increase the risk of breast cancer
  4. Another factors are people which not married, people which married but didn’t have children, women that bear baby over 35 years old and never give suck to her baby

Based on some research, the risk of breast cancer increase with people that often have stressed and also women that have first menstruation under 11 years old.

In Indonesia, about 70% patients go to the hospital in the last stage. There are some factors that caused the gift of breast cancer therapy for patients too late :

  • They are afraid to be operated
  • They are still believe with fortune-teller, etc
  • They didn’t believe that breast cancer can be recovered
  • They didn’t realized with their disease
  • Social and economy problems


If there are a strange bruise in your breast, it’s better to be consult to a doctor. This bruise usually is not make a pain since small then bigger and like stuck in the skin. In the some cases, there is a changes in the skin around the bruise and in the nipple.

When the bruise become bigger can make pain if it pressed. If the pain in breast and nipple will never disappeared, it’s better to consult to the doctor. Wrinkled nipple, the nipple color from pink become brown, and nipple put outside some liquid are the indication of breast cancer.

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